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Family of George Henty and Maria Hector

Husband: George Henty (1803-1888)
Wife: Maria Hector (1809-1895)
Children: Elizabeth Clara Henty (1834- )
George Hector Henty (1836-1845)
Douglas Henty (1838-1892)
Walter Henty (1840-1914)
Charles Percival Henty (1849-1920)
Marriage 15 Oct 1833 Liss, Hampshire

Husband: George Henty

Name: George Henty
Sex: Male
Father: George Henty (1766-1829)
Mother: Ann Penfold (1771-1832)
Birth 1803 Ferring, Sussex
Baptism 13 Mar 1803 (age 0) Ferring, Sussex
Fact1 1828 (age 24-25) Mentioned in father's will
Census 1841 (age 37-38) Brewer, West Gate, Chichester
Census 1851 (age 47-48) Brewer (empl. 22 men + 1 boy), West Gate, Chichester
Census 1861 (age 57-58) County magistrate & brewer, West Gate, Chichester, Sussex
Census 1871 (age 67-68) Landowner, Northlands House, Funtington, Sussex
Census 1881 (age 77-78) Brewer & magistrate, staying at Queens Hotel, Portsea, Hants
Death fact 1888 (age 84-85) 1888 Mar Qtr, Westbourne, 2b/294 (aged 84)
Death 26 Feb 1888 (age 84-85) Northlands, Funtington, Sussex

Wife: Maria Hector

Name: Maria Hector
Sex: Female
Father: Cornthwaite John Hector (1773-1842)
Mother: Anna Matilda Eyles (bap.1777)
Birth 18 Oct 1809 Petersfield, Hampshire
Baptism 9 Nov 1810 (age 1) Petersfield, Hampshire
Census 1891 (age 81-82) Widow, living on own means, Northlands House, Funtington, Sussex
Death fact 1895 (age 85-86) 1895 Jun Qtr, Westbourne, 2b/258 (aged 85)
Death 1895 (age 85-86) Westbourne, Sussex

Child 1: Elizabeth Clara Henty

Name: Elizabeth Clara Henty
Sex: Female
Birth 1834 Chichester, Sussex
Baptism 1 Jan 1835 (age 0-1) Saint Bartholomew, Chichester, Sussex

Child 2: George Hector Henty

Name: George Hector Henty
Sex: Male
Birth 1836 Chichester, Sussex
Baptism 20 Mar 1836 (age 0) Saint Bartholomew, Chichester, Sussex
Census 1841 (age 4-5) Living with parents
Death fact 1845 (age 8-9) 1845 Jun Qtr, Chichester, 7/207
Death 1845 (age 8-9) Chichester, Sussex
Burial 10 Apr 1845 St Bartholomew, Chichester, Sussex (aged 9)

Child 3: Douglas Henty

Name: Douglas Henty
Sex: Male
Spouse: Julia Martin (1839-1925)
Birth 1838 Chichester, Sussex
Baptism 5 Oct 1838 (age 0) Saint Bartholomew, Chichester, Sussex
Birth fact 1838 (age 0) 1838 Sep Qtr, Chichester, 7/246
Census 1841 (age 2-3) Living with parents
Census 1861 (age 22-23) Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 42-43) Brewer (empl. 61 men), West Gate, Chichester
Death fact 1892 (age 53-54) 1892 Mar Qtr, Chichester, 2b/397 (aged 53)
Death 25 Feb 1892 (age 53-54) Chichester, Sussex

Child 4: Walter Henty

Name: Walter Henty
Sex: Male
Birth 1840 Chichester, Sussex
Baptism 30 Jul 1840 (age 0) Saint Bartholomew, Chichester, Sussex
Birth fact 1840 (age 0) 1840 Jun Qtr, Chichester, 7/254
Census 1841 (age 0-1) Living with parents
Death fact 1914 (age 73-74) 1914 Jun Qtr, Croydon, 2a/433 (aged 73)
Death 7 Apr 1914 (age 73-74) Beddington Place, Beddington, Surrey

Child 5: Charles Percival Henty

Name: Charles Percival Henty
Sex: Male
Spouse: Charlotte Ellen Curteis (1861-1952)
Birth 1849 Chichester, Sussex
Baptism 29 Jun 1849 (age 0) Saint Bartholomew, Chichester, Sussex
Birth fact 1849 (age 0) 1849 Jun Qtr, Chichester, 7/350
Census 1851 (age 1-2) Living with parents
Census 1861 (age 11-12) Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 31-32) Farmer (700 acres), Northland Ho, Funtington, Sussex (unmarried)
Residence 1889 (age 39-40) Hambrook House, Funtington, Sussex
Residence 1920 (age 70-71) Henbury Manor, Wimborne, Dorset
Death fact 1920 (age 70-71) 1920 Mar Qtr, Wimborne, 5a/267 (aged 70)
Death 2 Feb 1920 (age 70-71) Wimborne, Dorset

Note on Husband: George Henty (1)

In 1955 Watneys bought the Westgate Brewery business of Messrs Henty and Constable Ltd of Chichester, a substantial concern even though about half the properties were separately sold to Friary of Guildford (later Friary Meux). Henty's was an old-established firm. It can be traced at least to 1855 when George Henty already owned about a hundred properties in West Sussex and Hampshire, and was incorporated in 1893 as George Henty and Sons Ltd. Early purchases included the Bognor Brewery business of John Butt in 1879, the Spain Brewery business at Petersfield, Hants, of Edwin Albery in 1881, and the twenty-six houses of George Gatehouse of Chichester in 1889

In 1921 Henty's merged with G S Constable and Sons Ltd (incorporated 1904), of the Swallow Brewery, Arundel, and the Anchor Brewery, Littlehampton. The resultant Company was thereafter known as Henty and Constable (Brewers) Ltd, the headquarters remaining at the Westgate Brewery, Chichester. G S Constable had been trading at Littlehampton since at least the 1860s, and Arundel since the 1850s. Finally, in 1929, Henty and Constable took over the Emsworth Brewery business, mainly based in the Havant and Gosport areas of Hampshire, from Messrs Kinnell and Hartley Ltd (incorporated 1903).

Source: Records of Tamplin's Brewery, Brighton, at East Sussex Record Office

Note on Husband: George Henty (2)

HENTY George, 17 May 1888. The Will of George Henty formerly of the City of Chichester but late of Northlands near the said City in the County of Sussex Esquire who died 26 February 1888 at Northlands was proved at the Principal Registry by Douglas Henty of the said City Walter Henty of Northlands and Charles Percival Henty of Hambrook near the said City in the said County Esquires the Sons three of the Executors. Personal Estate £335,589 13s. 7d. Resworn September 1888 £346,218 6s.