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Family of Richard Napoleon (Lee) Thornton and Margaret James

Husband: Richard Napoleon (Lee) Thornton (c. 1833-1876)
Wife: Margaret James (c. 1835-bef1867)
Children: Richard Thornton Thornton (1853-1928)
Albert James Thornton (1856-1931)
Walter Alfred Thornton (1858-1915)
Margaret Ellen Thornton (1860-1958)
Marriage 19 Sep 1859 St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey
Witnesses 19 Sep 1859 Susan Wade, Benjamin Phillips

Husband: Richard Napoleon (Lee) Thornton

Name: Richard Napoleon (Lee) Thornton
Sex: Male
Father: Richard Thornton (1776-1865)
Mother: Alice Lee (c. 1811- )
Birth c. 1833 Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Residence 98 Portland Place, London, W., and Knowle, Sidmouth, Devon
Census 1841 (age 7-8) Richard Lee, living with mother, Alice Lee, South Island Place, Lambeth St Mary
Census 1851 (age 17-18) Solicitor's general clerk, 14 Rummers Place, Clerkenwell (Richard Lee, unmarried)
Education 19 Mar 1851 (age 17-18) Matric. St Johns Coll, Oxford, aged 18
Member 22 Jul 1852 (age 18-19) Surrey Cricket Club: Probably played in match vs. MCC
Occupation 19 Sep 1859 (age 25-26) Steward, Bermondsey (on marriage cert.)
Will 1865 (age 31-32) £400, 000 in will of Richard Thornton
Occupation 11 Jul 1867 (age 33-34) Barrister at law, Kentish Town (on marriage cert.)
Occupation 9 Jul 1874 (age 40-41) Esquire, of Sidmouth, appointed as Income Tax Commissioner for Devon (L.Gazette 10.7.1874)
Death fact 1876 (age 42-43) 1876 Jun Qtr, Honiton, 5b/26 (aged 43)
Death 28 May 1876 (age 42-43) Knowle, Sidmouth, Devon
Probate 15 Jul 1876 Probate at PR to Albert Pulford, Richard Gardiner Minshull Jones, and Richard Thornton Thornton

Wife: Margaret James

Name: Margaret James
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1835
Death bef 1867 (age 31-32)

Child 1: Richard Thornton Thornton

Name: Richard Thornton Thornton
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Ellen Sophia Pulford (1851-1891)
Spouse 2: Eliza Marion Pulford (1864-1909)
Birth 28 Mar 1853 Basil Street, Folkestone, Kent
Birth fact 1853 (age 0) 1853 Jun Qtr, Elham, 2a/594 (Richard Thornton Lee James)
Education 25 Jan 1873 (age 19) Matric. St Johns Coll, Oxford, aged 19
Residence 15 Jul 1876 (age 23) Knowle, Sidmouth (exec. to father's will)
Ordination 1878 (age 24-25) Priest, Chichester Diocese
Census 1881 (age 27-28) Assistant Curate of Sidmouth Devon, staying with father-in-law Alfred Pulford
Census 1891 (age 37-38) Clerk in Holy Orders, widower, living with father-in-law Alfred Pulford
Occupation 8 Oct 1892 (age 39) Acting Chaplain, 1st Volunteer Battalion, the Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment (L.Gazette 7.10.1892)
Residence 1896 (age 42-43) Dulcote, Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells (Clergy List, 1896)
Residence 1898 (age 44-45) Middleton Hall, Shenfield, Essex
Census 1901 (age 47-48) Living on own means, Middleton Hall, Shenfield, Essex
Census 1911 (age 57-58) Private means, Fitzwalters, St Johns Road, Eastbourne, Sussex (widower)
Death fact 1928 (age 74-75) 1928 Jun Qtr, Eastbourne, 2b/121 (aged 75)
Death 30 May 1928 (age 75) Eastbourne, Sussex

Child 2: Albert James Thornton

Name: Albert James Thornton
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Ernestine Alice Hawker (c. 1860- )
Spouse 2: Rose Thompson (c. 1873-1954)
Birth 17 Jan 1856 Folkestone, Kent
Census 1871 (age 14-15) School pupil, Worthing, Broadwater, Sussex
Census 1881 (age 24-25) Holder of foreign stocks, 8 Queens Parade, Heene, Sussex
Census 1891 (age 34-35) Married, living with sister Margaret Lubbock
Census 1901 (age 44-45) Stock jobber, 37 Shaftesbury Road, Hammersmith ("Albert John Thornton")
Census 1911 (age 54-55) Director of a company, 23a Devonshire Place, Brighton, Sussex
Death 14 Jun 1931 (age 75) 23 Upper Addison Gardens, Kensington, Middlesex

Child 3: Walter Alfred Thornton

Name: Walter Alfred Thornton
Sex: Male
Spouse: Grace Josephine Salvin (c. 1864- )
Birth 23 Feb 1858 Kensington, Middlesex
Birth fact 1858 (age 0) 1858 Mar Qtr, St George Hanover Square, 1a/243 (Walter Alfred Lee)
Census 1871 (age 12-13) School pupil, Worthing, Broadwater, Sussex
Education 25 Jan 1879 (age 20) Matric. St Johns Coll, Oxford, aged 20
Census 1881 (age 22-23) Undergraduate of St Johns Coll, Oxford, visitor, Greenfield Ho, Sidmouth (unmarried)
Census 1891 (age 32-33) Living on own means, visitor, 161 Mill Cottage, Blakedown, Kidderminster (married, wife absent)
Death 2 Feb 1915 (age 56) The Mill House, Blakedown, Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Child 4: Margaret Ellen Thornton

Name: Margaret Ellen Thornton
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Charles Western Lubbock (1862-1890)
Spouse 2: Herbert Joseph Bergmann (c. 1863-1940)
Birth 1860 Kensington, Middlesex
Birth fact 1860 (age 0) 1860 Jun Qtr, St George Hanover Square, 1a/204 (Margaret Ellen Lee)
Census 1881 (age 20-21) Living with brother Albert (birthplace shown as Folkestone, Kent)
Census 1891 (age 30-31) Widow, 16 Rossgar Mansions, Chelsea
Death fact 1958 (age 97-98) 1958 Mar Qtr, Kensington, 5c/1242 (aged 98, Margaret E Sadler)
Death 16 Mar 1958 (age 97-98) Kensington, Middlesex

Note on Husband: Richard Napoleon (Lee) Thornton (1) - shared note

While at St Johns College, Oxford, he was known as Dick Lee. Supposedly the illegitimate son of Richard Thornton, he adopted the surname Thornton in 1865 in compliance with a condition in Richard Thornton's will - see below.


Change of name:

Whitehall, August 1, 1865. The Queen has been pleased to grant unto Richard Napoleon Lee, of the Middle Temple, London, Esquire, Barrister-at-Law, Her Royal licence and authority that he may, in compliance with a condition contained in the last will and testament of Richard Thornton, late of Old Swan Wharf, London Bridge, in the city of London, and of Cannon Hill, near Merton, in the county of

Surrey, Esquire, deceased, take and henceforth use the surname of Thornton, instead of that of


London Gazette, 4.8.1865


Surrey Cricket Club: Probably played in match vs. MCC at Kennington Oval on 22.7.1852, as R.N.Lee. Scored 1 run.


Note on Husband: Richard Napoleon (Lee) Thornton (2)

15 July 1876. The Will of Richard Napoleon Thornton late of Knowle Sidmouth in the County of Devon Barrister-at-Law who died 28 May 1876 at Knowle was proved at the Principal Registry by Alfred Pulford of Rosenau Torquay in the said County Gentleman Richard Gardiner Minshull Jones of 190 Tooley Street Southwark in the County of Surrey Solicitor and Richard Thornton Thornton of Knowle Gentleman three of the Executors. Effects under £200,000. Resworn January 1877 under £250,000.

Note on Wife: Margaret James - shared note

Widow when married in 1859 as Margaret James; father named on marriage certificate as Richard Hart, mariner.