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Family of Augustus Frederick Lee Steere and Ellen Elizabeth Roe

Husband: Augustus Frederick Lee Steere (1835-1903)
Wife: Ellen Elizabeth Roe (1840-1887)
Children: Matilda Annie Lee Steere (1860-1860)
Herbert John Lee Steere (1862-1942)
Ethel Elizabeth Lee Steere (1864-1955)
Ernest Augustus Lee Steere (1866-1957)
Beatrice Maude Lee Steere (1868-1940)
Eva Matilda Lee Steere (1872-1943)
Algernon George Lee Steere (1875-1899)
Marriage 16 Feb 1859 Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Husband: Augustus Frederick Lee Steere

Name: Augustus Frederick Lee Steere
Sex: Male
Father: Lee Steere (1803-1890)
Mother: Anne Watson (c. 1807-1892)
Birth 1835 Jayes Park, Ockley, Surrey
Baptism 23 Jan 1835 (age 0) Ockley, Surrey
Death 6 Aug 1903 (age 67-68) Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Wife: Ellen Elizabeth Roe

Name: Ellen Elizabeth Roe
Sex: Female
Father: John Septimus Roe (1797-1878)
Mother: Matilda Elizabeth Bennett (1808-1870)
Birth 16 May 1840 Swan River Colony, Western Australia
Death 1 Jun 1887 (age 47) Newcastle, Western Australia

Child 1: Matilda Annie Lee Steere

Name: Matilda Annie Lee Steere
Sex: Female
Birth 8 Apr 1860 Culham, Toodyay, Western Australia
Death 14 Jul 1860 (age 0) Culham, Toodyay, Western Australia

Child 2: Herbert John Lee Steere

Name: Herbert John Lee Steere
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Aloysia Longobardi (c. 1873-1947)
Birth 10 Feb 1862 Ockley, Surrey
Death 4 Mar 1942 (age 80) Moora, Western Australia

Child 3: Ethel Elizabeth Lee Steere

Name: Ethel Elizabeth Lee Steere
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward Arthur Philip Roberts ( - )
Birth 20 Feb 1864 Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Death 1955 (age 90-91) Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Child 4: Ernest Augustus Lee Steere

Name: Ernest Augustus Lee Steere
Sex: Male
Spouse: Bridget Yelverton O'Connor (1885-1979)
Birth 19 Mar 1866 Culham, Toodyay, Western Australia
Baptism 22 Apr 1866 (age 0) Beverley, Western Australia, Australia
Death 22 Dec 1957 (age 91) Western Australia

Child 5: Beatrice Maude Lee Steere

Name: Beatrice Maude Lee Steere
Sex: Female
Birth 16 Feb 1868 Culham, Toodyay, Western Australia
Death 7 Mar 1940 (age 72) Peppermint Grove, Western Australia

Child 6: Eva Matilda Lee Steere

Name: Eva Matilda Lee Steere
Sex: Female
Birth 7 Sep 1872 Culham, Toodyay, Western Australia
Death 2 May 1943 (age 70)

Child 7: Algernon George Lee Steere

Name: Algernon George Lee Steere
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Jul 1875 Culham, Toodyay, Western Australia
Death 19 May 1899 (age 23) Newcastle, Western Australia

Note on Husband: Augustus Frederick Lee Steere


The death of Mr. Augustus F. Lee Steere, J.P., makes another void in the fast-diminishing ranks of the early settlers of this State. Mr. Lee Steere was the fourth son of the late Mr. Lee Steere, M.P., of Jayes Park, Surrey, England, and was educated at Marlborough College. At the age of 20 he came out to this colony, where he engaged in pastoral pursuits, in conjunction with the late Mr. S. P. Phillips, of Culham, and Mr. J. G. Thomson, formerly of the Blackwood. Soon after his arrival in Western Australia he married Ellen Elizabeth, fifth daughter of the late Mr. G. S. Roe, Surveyor-General of the Colony, by whom he had a family of three sons and three daughters. Mrs. Lee Steere died in 1887, but all his children survive him, except his youngest son, Algernon. In his younger days Mr. Lee Steere was an ardent supporter of cricket and a good batsman, having represented his county, Surrey. He was also a good judge of horses and a fearless rider, and at one time acted as judge at the Royal Agricultural Show in this State. He was much respected by those who knew him, and doubtless his generosity will be remembered by many. For the greater part of his life Mr. Lee Steere suffered from an illness brought on at first by an accident. Although the best medical advice was sought, both here and in the old country (for which purpose Mr. Lee Steere visited England in the sixties), nothing could be done, and, as he grew older, he became more and more of an invalid, and for several years had been almost completely con- fined to his house. The immediate cause of Mr.Lee Steere's death was paralysis, and the end, when it came, was sudden. He was taken ill on Wednesday of last week, and on the following morning passed peacefully away. The funeral took place on Saturday last, at 2 p.m., and was attended by a large number of relatives and friends.

Among the relatives who followed the sad procession were: Messrs. Herbert Lee Steere (son), E. A. Roberts (grandson), J. B. Roe (brother-in-law), Charles Lee Steere, John H. Phillips, J. C. Phillips, and S Burges (nephews); also R. G. Burges. M.L.A., W. A. G .Walter, P.M., J. F. Taylor. Mr. Ernest Lee Steere (second son of deceased) was unavoidably absent, being on the Murchison, also Mr E. A. P. Roberts (son-in-law), through illness.

Western Mail, Perth, WA, Saturday 15 August 1903