Family of Lee Steere Steere and Sarah Harrison

Husband: Lee Steere Steere (1774-1832)
Wife: Sarah Harrison (c. 1772-1855)
Children: Lee Steere (1803-1890)
Marriage 21 Jun 1798 St Marylebone, Middlesex

Husband: Lee Steere Steere

Name: Lee Steere Steere
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1774
Death 1832 (age 57-58) Ockley, Surrey
Burial 14 Sep 1832 St Margaret, Ockley, Surrey (aged 57)

Wife: Sarah Harrison

Name: Sarah Harrison
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1772
Death 1855 (age 82-83) Ockley, Surrey

Child 1: Lee Steere

Name: Lee Steere
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anne Watson (c. 1807-1892)
Birth 21 Jun 1803 Harley Street, London
Baptism 19 Jul 1803 (age 0) St Marylebone, Middlesex
Census 1851 (age 47-48) Landowner, Jayes, Wootton, Surrey
Census 1871 (age 67-68) Member of Parliament & J.P., Jayes Park, Wooton, Surrey.
Census 1881 (age 77-78) Justice of the Peace, Jayes, Wotton, Surrey
Death 9 Oct 1890 (age 87) Jayes Park, Ockley, Surrey

Note on Husband: Lee Steere Steere

Jayes Park, close to Ockley Green, is the seat of Mr. Henry Lee Steere, lord of the manor of Ockley, but this house is in Wotton. Jayes was the seat of the Steere family for many generations. Mr. Lee Steere, who died in 1784, left it to the son of his daughter [Martha] and of Mr. Richard Witts, Lee Steere Witts. On reaching his majority in 1795 he assumed the name of Steere, and the family have resided ever since at Jayes.

Source: Victoria County History of Surrey