Family of John Young

Partner: John Young ( -1755)
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Mary Young (1730-1817)
Robert Parry Young (1746-1798)
James Young ( - )

Partner: John Young

Name: John Young
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1755 East Indies

Child 1: Mary Young

Name: Mary Young
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Brisbane (1735-1807)
Birth 1730 Gosport, Hampshire
Parents: John & Mary Young
Death 1817 (age 86-87) Brighton, Sussex
Burial 7 May 1817 All Saints, Southampton, Hampshire

Child 2: Robert Parry Young

Name: Robert Parry Young
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Jane Redfern ( - )
Spouse 2: Elizabeth Middleton ( - )
Birth 1746 Gosport, Hampshire
Parents: John & Jane Young
Will 22 Dec 1797 (age 50-51) Date of will
Occupation Resident Agent for Transports, Southampton
Occupation 1798 (age 51-52) Commander, HMS Vigilant
Death 1798 (age 51-52) Portsmouth, Hampshire
Burial 9 Mar 1798 Holy Trinity, Gosport, Hampshire
Probate 6 Apr 1799 Probate

Child 3: James Young

Name: James Young
Sex: Male
Occupation Lieutenant-Colonel of Marines

Note on Husband: John Young

Identifying Robert Parry Young's father is challenging. A "Robert Perry Young" was baptised at Holy Trinity, Gosport, Hampshire, on 31 Oct 1746, his parents being named as John & Jane Young. And a Mary Young was baptised at Gosport on 24 Jan 1730, parents John & Mary Young. Robert’s sister Mary married Admiral John Brisbane in 1759.

A John Young married Mary Houghton at Gosport on 9 Jan 1730. A Mary Young was buried at Gosport on 23 Aug 1731, and then there's a marriage between John Young and Jane Hutchins at Alverstoke on 19 Feb 1735, and a Jane Young was buried at Gosport on 12 May 1784. It is by no means certain that these events relate to the same people, but all of the events would fit the case in terms of dates and place.

According to the Naval Biographical Dictionary, 1849, Robert Benjamin Young's grandfather (i.e. Robert Parry Young’s father) “died as First-Lieutenant of the CUMBERLAND 66, bearing the broad pendant of Commodore Pocock in the East Indies in 1755, on the very day of his promotion to the rank of Captain”. Frustratingly, however, the source does not name the person involved.

Was this officer John Young? According to the Three Decks website a John Young was first lieutenant of the Eagle 60 from January 1753 until 28 March 1754. In January 1754 George Pocock became captain of the Eagle, and he also remained with her until 28 March. Pocock then transferred to the Cumberland and she sailed for the East Indies in May 1754. It is very likely that Pocock took his first lieutenant from the Eagle, John Young, into the Cumberland, and therefore it is most likely this John Young who died on the day of his promotion to captain.

Furthermore, this John Young had served as a lieutenant aboard the Prince George in 1744/5 under a Captain William Parry. It was not unusual in those times to add the name of a ‘patron’ or godfather when christening a child. Here is the link to John Young on the Three Decks website:

I am extremely grateful to Richard Hiscocks and his excellent More than Nelson website for helping in the unravelling of this mystery: