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Family of Robert Benjamin Young and Mary Ellis

Husband: Robert Benjamin Young (1773-1846)
Wife: Mary Ellis (c. 1795- )
Children: Ellis Wynt Young (1814-1888)
Louisa Leach Grendall Young (1816-bef1861)
Frederick Graham Young (1819-1869)
Robert Young (1822-1901)
Marriage 10 Mar 1810 Old Church, Saint Pancras, Middlesex

Husband: Robert Benjamin Young

Name: Robert Benjamin Young
Sex: Male
Father: Robert Parry Young (1746-1798)
Mother: Jane Redfern ( - )
Birth 15 Sep 1773 Douglas, Isle of Man
Baptism 22 Oct 1773 (age 0) St Matthew, Douglas, Isle of Man
Title Captain
Will 22 Dec 1797 (age 24) Mentioned in father's will ("now a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy")
Occupation 21 Oct 1810 (age 37) Promotion to rank of Commander, R.N.
Will 20 May 1838 (age 64) Proved 10.3.1847
Residence 1838 (age 64-65) Clifton Place, St Sidwells, Exeter (address on will)
Occupation 1846 (age 72-73) Commander, Royal Navy (on death cert.)
Death fact 1846 (age 72-73) 1846 Dec Qtr, Exeter, 10/88
Death fact 26 Nov 1846 (age 73) Heart disease; Mary Young present at death
Death 26 Nov 1846 (age 73) 7 Cobourg Place, Exeter, Devon

Wife: Mary Ellis

Name: Mary Ellis
Sex: Female
Father: John Ellis ( - )
Mother: -
Birth c. 1795
Will 20 May 1838 (age 42-43) Mentioned in husband's will
Census 1841 (age 45-46) Husband absent, aged 40

Child 1: Ellis Wynt Young

Name: Ellis Wynt Young
Sex: Female
Birth 1814 St Andrew Holborn, London
Baptism 27 Apr 1814 (age 0) Saint Andrew, Holborn, London
Census 1841 (age 26-27) Independent, living with mother, Coburg Place, St Sidwell's, Exeter
Census 1851 (age 36-37) Visitor, Bloomsbury, Middlesex (unmarried)
Census 1871 (age 56-57) 6 King William N Asylum Lodge, Penge, Surrey (unmarried)
Census 1881 (age 66-67) Annuitant, St Johns Road 6 Royal Naval Cottages, Penge, Surrey (unmarried)
Death fact 1888 (age 73-74) 1888 Mar Qtr, Croydon, 2a/164 (aged 74)
Death 1888 (age 73-74) Croydon, Surrey

Child 2: Louisa Leach Grendall Young

Name: Louisa Leach Grendall Young
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Warren Bunter (c. 1811-1886)
Birth 11 Jul 1816 St Andrew Holborn, London
Baptism 19 Dec 1816 (age 0) Saint Andrew, Holborn, London
Census 1841 (age 24-25) Independent, living with mother, Coburg Place, St Sidwell's, Exeter
Residence 10 Jun 1851 (age 34) Penge, in the Parish of Battersea (on marriage cert.)
Death bef 1861 (age 44-45)

Child 3: Frederick Graham Young

Name: Frederick Graham Young
Sex: Male
Spouse: Harriett Turner Parkin (c. 1823-1878)
Birth 20 Jul 1819 St Andrew Holborn, London
Baptism 24 Apr 1820 (age 0) Saint Andrew, Holborn, London
Census 1841 (age 21-22) Independent, living with mother, Coburg Place, St Sidwell's, Exeter
Census 1851 (age 31-32) Dentist, Cotham Lane, Westbury on Trym, Gloucs
Census 1861 (age 41-42) Dentist, 7 Park St, Bristol St Augustine, Gloucs
Death fact 1869 (age 49-50) 1869 Jun Qtr, Bristol, 6a/37 (aged 49)
Death 7 Jun 1869 (age 49) 7 Park Street, Bristol, Gloucestershire

Child 4: Robert Young

Name: Robert Young
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Martha Owen (c. 1824-bef1857)
Spouse 2: Emily Anne Attfield (1832-1912)
Spouse 3: Elizabeth Anne Gibbins (1851- )
Birth 1822 Sidmouth, Devon
Baptism 1822 (age 0) Otterton, Devon
Title Captain
Census 1841 (age 18-19) Independent, living with mother, Coburg Place, St Sidwell's, Exeter
Occupation 1 Mar 1849 (age 26-27) Late of the 7th Dragoon Guards (on daughter Ellen's birth cert.)
Residence 1 Mar 1849 (age 26-27) Mount Radford Terrace, St Leonard, Exeter, Devon
Census 1851 (age 28-29) Annuitant, visiting Owen Owen, Rector of St Edmunds, Exeter
Occupation 23 Jul 1857 (age 34-35) Late Captain in Army, 104 Tachbrook St, Pimlico, London, widower (on marriage cert.)
Census 1871 (age 48-49) Superintendent of Convict Prison, Perth, W.Australia (married)
Census 1871 (age 48-49) Visiting sister Ellis Young, Penge, Surrey
Occupation 21 Nov 1872 (age 49-50) Gentleman, St Giles, Camberwell, widower (on marriage cert.)
Census 1881 (age 58-59) Civil service (superannuated), 44 Gowrie Rd, Battersea, London
Census 1891 (age 68-69) Living on own means, 2 Zingari Villas, Gipsy Road, Norwood
Census 1901 (age 78-79) No occupation, 41 Atheldene Road, Wandsworth
Residence 18 Dec 1901 (age 78-79) 17 Twilley Street, Wandsworth (on death cert.)
Death 18 Dec 1901 (age 78-79) Battersea Union Infirmary, Wandsworth, Surrey

Note on Husband: Robert Benjamin Young (1) - shared note

Surname: Young, First Names : Robert Benjamin

Birth Date : 15 Sep 1773

Date promoted : Lieutenant: 26/1/1796; Commander: 21/10/1810

Date of Navy List - Appointment and date:

Dec 1843 Out-Pension of Greenwich Hospital - 20 Apr 39

June 1844 : Out-Pension of Greenwich Hospital - 20 Apr 39



Lt. Robert Benjamin Young

1804, Lieut. Robert Benjamin Young commanded the Entreprenante. In October 1805 Young was attached to the Rear Division of the fleet under Vice-Adm. Lord Collingwood and was a spectator of the Battle of Trafalgar. With Entreprenante and the boats of Prince George and Swiftsure he helped in the rescue of two women and about 200 men from the French Achille which caught fire and exploded during the battle. He was send to Faro with Lord Collingwood's dispatches announcing the victory in Trafalgar. He received the gold medal, the thanks of Parliament, a sword of honour from the Patriotic Fund, and an honorary augmentation to his arms.

Captain in 1806 with the same ship and service watching the French fleet in the Channel during the blockade of Brest.


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HMS Entreprenante

The Entreprenante was a cutter of the type used for communications and carrying dispatches, being lightly built and armed only with eight 4 pounder guns. Her role at Trafalgar was to lie to windward of the British fleet and render assistance if needed, since she was incapable of taking part in the fighting. Entreprenante therefore assisted in tasks such as rescuing survivors, and closed the battle to assist in the rescue of the crew of the burning French Achille (74 guns), when she picked up 150 men from the sea. Her commander, Lieutenant Young, came from the Isle of Man, and died at Exeter in 1846 where he had retired from the Royal Navy.



A property with character

(07 July 2005 16:34)

If you’re looking for a quaint character-rich property, then the Minadab Restaurant and Tea Rooms in Teignmouth should fit the bill. Built in around 1820, the grade ll listed property is believed to have once been the home to Battle of Trafalgar hero, Commander Robert Benjamin Young. These days it houses a restaurant, providing 32 covers in four distinct areas.


Note on Husband: Robert Benjamin Young (2)

Will of Robert Benjamin Young of Clifton Place St Sidwells Exeter a Commander in the Royal Navy, 20 May 1838. To wife Mary Young all wages monies lands tenements goods and chattels etc. my personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever; Joseph Woodhead and Henry Joseph Plumridge Woodhead of the Adelphi in London Navy Agents and Bankers executors.

Witnesses: Felix Mutel of 45 Russell Street Exeter and Robert Hillcock of Black Boy Road Exeter.

Appeared personally Felix Mutel of Exmouth in the County of Devon Gentleman and made oath that he is one of the subscribed witnesses to the last will and testament of Robert Benjamin Young late of Clifton Place St Sidwells Exeter deceased ... and that the said deceased duly executed the said will on the said date thereof by signing his name at the end of the same in the presence of this deponent and also in the presence of Robert Hillcock (who has as deponent is informed and believes since departed this life) the other subscribed witness ... now best recollects and believes and doubts not but on account of the lapse of time since the said occurrence he is unable to recollect the circumstances thereof more accurately and the deponent and the said Robert Hillcock then attested and subscribed the said will in presence of the said deceased in manner as now appears thereon ... and he made oath that save the deponent and the said Robert Hillcock there was not as he now best recollects and believes and other person present with the said testator at the time of the execution of the will. Sworn by Felix Mutel, 2 Mar 1847.

Proved at London 10 Mar 1847 by the oath of Joseph Woodhead Esq. one of the executors.