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Family of Francis Hobart Herrick and Josephine Herkomer

Husband: Francis Hobart Herrick (1858-1940)
Wife: Josephine Herkomer (1860-1952)
Children: Agnes E Herrick (c. 1898- )
Francis Herkomer Herrick (1900-1996)
Marriage 24 Jun 1897

Husband: Francis Hobart Herrick

Name: Francis Hobart Herrick
Sex: Male
Father: Marcellus Aurelius Herrick ( - )
Mother: Hannah Andrews Putnam (c. 1818- )
Birth 19 Nov 1858 Woodstock, Vermont, USA
Census 1880 (age 21-22) At Dartmouth College, living with mother (birth state shown as NH)
Census 1910 (age 51-52) College teacher, Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga, OH
Census 1920 (age 61-62) College teacher, Noble Road, Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga, OH
Census 1930 (age 71-72) No occupation, Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga, OH
Death 11 Sep 1940 (age 81) Cleveland Heights, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Wife: Josephine Herkomer

Name: Josephine Herkomer
Sex: Female
Father: John Herkomer (1821-1913)
Mother: Agnes Koenig (c. 1828- )
Birth 4 Feb 1860 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Census 1860 (age 0) Living with parents
Census 1880 (age 19-20) Living with parents
Census 1891 (age 30-31) Living with parents
Census 1930 (age 69-70) Wife in household
Death 30 Aug 1952 (age 92) Alameda, California, USA

Child 1: Agnes E Herrick

Name: Agnes E Herrick
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1898 Ohio, USA
Census 1910 (age 11-12) Living with parents
Census 1920 (age 21-22) Living with parents

Child 2: Francis Herkomer Herrick

Name: Francis Herkomer Herrick
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Aug 1900 Ohio, USA
Census 1910 (age 9-10) Living with parents
Census 1920 (age 19-20) Living with parents
Census 1930 (age 29-30) College teacher, lodger, Oakland, Alameda, CA (unmarried)
Death 10 Aug 1996 (age 95) Carmel, Monterey, California, USA

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