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Family of Robert Parry Young and Elizabeth Middleton

Husband: Robert Parry Young (1746-1798)
Wife: Elizabeth Middleton ( - )
Marriage 12 Mar 1791 St Mary, Alverstoke, Hampshire

Husband: Robert Parry Young

Name: Robert Parry Young
Sex: Male
Father: John Young ( -1755)
Mother: -
Birth 1746 Gosport, Hampshire
Parents: John & Jane Young
Will 22 Dec 1797 (age 50-51) Date of will
Occupation Resident Agent for Transports, Southampton
Occupation 1798 (age 51-52) Commander, HMS Vigilant
Death 1798 (age 51-52) Portsmouth, Hampshire
Burial 9 Mar 1798 Holy Trinity, Gosport, Hampshire
Probate 6 Apr 1799 Probate

Wife: Elizabeth Middleton

Name: Elizabeth Middleton
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Robert Parry Young (1)

The Robert Parry Young with whom Jane Redfern 'eloped' in 1772 (a marriage at Jurby!) was in charge of the Plymouth division of the third fleet which transported convicts to Australia in 1791.


Convict Revolt on the Albemarle (1791)

Berrow's Worcester Journal. Thursday, July 14, 1791


Extract of a Letter from Lieut. Robert Parry Young, Agent to Transports, dated on board the Albemarle Transport, April 25, 1791.

"On the 9th inst. the convicts rose upon us, with intention to massacre the Officers and Soldiers, and then take the vessel to America. Fortunately, however, they were repulsed and driven to take refuge in the hold, and in their prison room. Some of them were wounded. In the search after the ringleaders, we admitted one of them King's evidence, and he confessed the circumstances of the whole design. After they were subdued, it was unanimously agreed by the officers, myself, and the crew, that it was expedient to hang up the two ringleaders at the yardarm, which was accordingly put in execution. I imagine this punishment will deter them from any future attempt, since they have continued still, and apparently reconciled to their fate. There were no ships in sight at the time they rose. One of the ringleaders was an American. Two of the crew who were accomplices in the insurrection I have set on shore here, not considering it safe to proceed with such treacherous villains on board the ship. We are one and all armed day and night, and keep the most vigilant look-out over the convicts; six of whom have died since our departure from England. - Tomorrow we sail for St.Jago, the place of general rendezvous; there we shall stay a few days, and then then take our departure for South Wales."


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An Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, by David Collins, London, 1798

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Note on Husband: Robert Parry Young (2)

Will of Robert Parry Young, a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, on board HMS Vigilant in Portsmouth Harbour, 22 Dec 1797

To my wife Jane Young of Castletown in the Isle of Man £200, she to keep all household furniture, good or plate in her possession at the time of my decease over and above the pension she shall be entitled to as the widow of a Commissioned Officer; £300 to my daughter Jane Young of Douglas in the Isle of Man; £300 to my beloved and esteemed friend Elizabeth Middleton (alias Elizabeth Young) of the Parish of Aldgate in the City of London who shall be entitled to keep all household furniture, good or plate in her possession at the time of my decease in consideration for her very great care and attention to me for many years and hazarding herself on a voyage to New South Wales with me, my aforesaid wife Jane Young being the whole of the time labouring under a disordered mind from whom I could not receive any assistance; £100 to Elizabeth Boyles of the Parish of March Wood near Southampton my late servant; remainder to son Robert Benjamin Young now a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.

No exec, no witnesses

On 4 Apr 1799, appeared personally William Marsh of Norfolk Street Strand in the County of Middlesex Esquire and Thomas Smith of the same place Gentleman and made oath that they were well acquainted with Robert Parry Young late a Lieutenant on board His Majesty's Ship Vigilant in Portsmouth Harbour deceased and with his manner and character of handwriting and subscription and they depose that they believe it to be all the proper handwriting and subscribing of the said Robert Parry Young deceased. Sworn before a Parson.

Admon with the will attached was granted 6 Apr 1799 to Robert Benjamin Young the natural and lawful son and residuary legatee.