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Family of Harry Harvey Portway and Harriet Amy Cook

Husband: Harry Harvey Portway (1857-1929)
Wife: Harriet Amy Cook (1860-1914)
Children: Dina Portway (1885-1968)
Harold Pugh Portway (1886-1893)
Donald Portway (1887-1979)
Margaret Portway (1889-1890)
Madelaine Portway (1891-1976)
Cedric Portway (1893-1973)
Lionel Felix Portway (1897-1917)
Marriage 1884 Romford, Essex

Husband: Harry Harvey Portway

Name: Harry Harvey Portway
Sex: Male
Father: Charles Portway (1828-1909)
Mother: Emma Elizabeth Harvey (1833-1864)
Birth 1857 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1857 (age 0) 1857 Jun Qtr, Halstead, 4a/295
Census 1861 (age 3-4) Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 23-24) Ironmonger (living with father)
Census 1891 (age 33-34) Ironmonger, 20 High St, Halstead
Census 1901 (age 43-44) Bois Hall, Halstead (absent at census)
Residence Bois Hall, Halstead, Essex
Residence 1909 (age 51-52) Bois Hall, Halstead (attended death of father)
Death 9 Nov 1929 (age 71-72) Bois Hall, Halstead, Essex

Wife: Harriet Amy Cook

Name: Harriet Amy Cook
Sex: Female
Father: Richard Cook (1821- )
Mother: Jane Pugh (c. 1820- )
Birth 1860 Great Baddow, Essex
Birth fact 1860 (age 0) 1860 Dec Qtr, Chelmsford, 4a/152
Death fact 1914 (age 53-54) 1914 Jun Qtr, Halstead, 4a/787 (aged 53)
Death 31 May 1914 (age 53-54) Halstead, Essex

Child 1: Dina Portway

Name: Dina Portway
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: John Frederic Dobson (1875-1947)
Spouse 2: Martin Alistair Campbell Hinton (1883-1961)
Birth 1885 Halstead, Essex
Census 1901 (age 15-16) Boarder, at school in Bedford
Death fact 1968 (age 82-83) 1968 Mar Qtr, Depwade, 4b/702 (aged 82)
Death 3 Mar 1968 (age 82-83) Scole Lodge Nursing Home, Scole, Diss, Norfolk

Child 2: Harold Pugh Portway

Name: Harold Pugh Portway
Sex: Male
Birth 1886 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1886 (age 0) 1886 Mar Qtr, Halstead, 4a/571
Census 1893 (age 6-7) Death: 1893 Dec Qtr, Halstead, 4a/379
Death 1893 (age 6-7) Halstead, Essex

Child 3: Donald Portway

Name: Donald Portway
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sophia Maud Grace A Bezant (1897-1984)
Birth 28 Jun 1887 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1887 (age 0) Birth: 1887 Sept Qtr, Halstead, 4a/545
Census 1901 (age 13-14) Boarder, Felstead Village Boarding School, Essex
Death fact 1979 (age 91-92) 1979 Mar Q, Cambridge, 9/0828
Death 19 Mar 1979 (age 91) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Child 4: Margaret Portway

Name: Margaret Portway
Sex: Female
Birth 1889 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1889 (age 0) 1889 Dec Qtr, Halstead, 4a/565
Death fact 1890 (age 0-1) 1890 Mar Qtr, Halstead, 4a/366 (aged 0)
Death 1890 (age 0-1) Halstead, Essex

Child 5: Madelaine Portway

Name: Madelaine Portway
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas Guy Newport Franklin (1893-1973)
Birth 1891 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1891 (age 0) 1891 Jun Qtr, Halstead, 4a/648
Census 1901 (age 9-10) Bois Hall, Halstead, Essex (parents absent, living with governess in charge)
Death 14 May 1976 (age 84-85) Sudbury, Suffolk

Child 6: Cedric Portway

Name: Cedric Portway
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Alice Thelma Cook (c. 1891-1962)
Birth 23 Dec 1893 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1894 (age 0-1) 1894 Mar Qtr, Halstead, 4a/656
Census 1901 (age 7-8) Bois Hall, Halstead, Essex (parents absent, living with governess in charge)
Census 1911 (age 17-18) Pupil, Felstead School, Felstead, Essex
Death 23 Feb 1973 (age 79) Braintree, Essex

Child 7: Lionel Felix Portway

Name: Lionel Felix Portway
Sex: Male
Birth 1897 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1897 (age 0) 1897 Dec Qtr, Halstead, 4a/704a
Death 14 Apr 1917 (age 19-20) Monchy-le-Prieux, France

Note on Husband: Harry Harvey Portway

PORTWAY Harry Harvey of Halstead Essex died 9 November 1929 at Bois Hall Halstead; Probate London 20 February 1930 to Donald Portway tutor Cedric Portway iron founder and Harry Daking Sheldrake accountant. Effects £123232 2s 6d.

Note on Wife: Harriet Amy Cook (1) - shared note

My mother's family were all sturdy conservatives. Her eldest brother, Thomas, changed his name to Pugh, which was his mother's maiden name. One "Pugh of the Hill" was a Welsh archer who had been given a small estate near Presteign in Radnorshire for gallantry at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. The estate had been passed down for over five hundred years and came into the possession of my uncle Tom, who was not in the least interested in it and sold it. We have the family tree from "Pugh of the Hill" right down to the present time. The coat of arms included a stork, the motto being "Hoc pro labore ferro".

From "Militant Don" by Donald Portway (Robert Hale, London, 1964), page 15

Note on Wife: Harriet Amy Cook (2)

PORTWAY Harriet Amy of Halstead Essex (wife of Harry Harvey Portway) died 31 May 1914; Administration Ipswich 18 August to the said Harry Harvey Portway esquire. Effects £3167 11s 3d.