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Family of Charles Portway and Emma Elizabeth Harvey

Husband: Charles Portway (1828-1909)
Wife: Emma Elizabeth Harvey (1833-1864)
Children: Charles Ernest Portway (1854-1870)
Emma Edith Portway (1855-1909)
Harry Harvey Portway (1857-1929)
George Louis Portway (1859-1893)
Bertha Portway (1861-1861)
Ethel Portway (1862-1930)
Marriage 1853 Tendring, Essex

Husband: Charles Portway

Name: Charles Portway
Sex: Male
Father: George Portway (1791-1868)
Mother: Sarah Bull (c. 1795-1851)
Birth 12 Aug 1828 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Baptism 9 Nov 1828 (age 0) Bapt, Northgate St Independent, Bury St Edmunds (IGI)
Census 1851 (age 22-23) Ironmonger, servant to George Lewis, ironmonger, Lowndes Terr, Knightsbridge (unmarried)
Census btw 1861 and 1881 (age 32-53) High St, Halstead, Essex
Census 2 Aug 1866 (age 37) Widower, Ironmonger & iron merchant
Residence 1866 (age 37-38) Address: Halstead, Essex (on marriage cert.)
Census 1871 (age 42-43) Ironmonger employing 9 men & 8 boys, High St, Halstead (married, wife absent)
Occupation 31 Oct 1878 (age 50) Partnership with Frank Attfield Fawkes for manufacture of horticultural equipment. T.H.P.Dennis & Co, dissolved (London Gazette 5.11.1878)
Census 1881 (age 52-53) Ironmonger & stove maker, High St, Halstead (widower)
Census 1891 (age 62-63) Stove manufacturer, The Croft, High St, Halstead
Census 1901 (age 72-73) Stove mfr, High St, Halstead
Death fact 1909 (age 80-81) 1909 Jun Qtr, Halstead, 4a/391 (aged 80)
Death 6 Apr 1909 (age 80) The Croft, Halstead, Essex
Cause of death (Facts Pg) 6 Apr 1909 (age 80) Gangrene of left foot & leg; senile decay
Burial 10 Apr 1909 St Andrew, Halstead, Essex (aged 80)
Will 16 Jul 1909 (age 80) Probate Ipswich to Harry Harvey Portway (£37759)

Wife: Emma Elizabeth Harvey

Name: Emma Elizabeth Harvey
Sex: Female
Father: Matthew Barnard Harvey (c. 1806-1853)
Mother: Susannah Smith (c. 1811- )
Birth 17 Apr 1833 Halstead, Essex
Baptism 16 Oct 1833 (age 0) Old Meetinghouse Parsonage Lane-Independent, Halstead, Essex
Census 1841 (age 7-8) Living with parents
Census 1851 (age 17-18) Niece, visiting in household of Samuel Harvey, Mistley
Death fact 1864 (age 30-31) 1864 Sep Qtr, Halstead, 4a/219
Death 1864 (age 30-31) Halstead, Essex

Child 1: Charles Ernest Portway

Name: Charles Ernest Portway
Sex: Male
Birth 1854 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1854 (age 0) 1854 Jun Qtr, Halstead, 4a/282
Census 1861 (age 6-7) Living with parents
Emigration 20 Aug 1870 (age 15-16) from Sailed from Gravesend on board "May Queen" on 20 August 1870 and arrived in Port Chalmers, New Zealand, on 8 November 1870
Death 26 Nov 1870 (age 15-16) Bedford House, Dunedin, New Zealand

Child 2: Emma Edith Portway

Name: Emma Edith Portway
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick Percy Prentice (1859-1913)
Birth 1855 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1855 (age 0) 1855 Dec Qtr, Halstead, 4a/249
Census 1861 (age 5-6) Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 25-26) Living with father
Census 1901 (age 45-46) Wife in household
Death 7 Oct 1909 (age 53-54) 3 Caledonia Place, Clifton, Bristol

Child 3: Harry Harvey Portway

Name: Harry Harvey Portway
Sex: Male
Spouse: Harriet Amy Cook (1860-1914)
Birth 1857 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1857 (age 0) 1857 Jun Qtr, Halstead, 4a/295
Census 1861 (age 3-4) Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 23-24) Ironmonger (living with father)
Census 1891 (age 33-34) Ironmonger, 20 High St, Halstead
Census 1901 (age 43-44) Bois Hall, Halstead (absent at census)
Residence Bois Hall, Halstead, Essex
Residence 1909 (age 51-52) Bois Hall, Halstead (attended death of father)
Death 9 Nov 1929 (age 71-72) Bois Hall, Halstead, Essex

Child 4: George Louis Portway

Name: George Louis Portway
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sophia Phyllis Fielder (1869-1919)
Birth 1859 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1859 (age 0) 1859 Jun Qtr, Halstead, 4a/310
Census 1861 (age 1-2) Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 11-12) Living in household of uncle, Daniel Harvey, in Lowestoft
Census 1881 (age 21-22) Assistant to woollen warehouser, Grosvenor Cres, Leeds (boarder)
Occupation 15 May 1892 (age 32-33) Woollen merchant, All Saints, Paddington
Death fact 1893 (age 33-34) 1893 Dec Qtr, West Ham, 4a/177 (age 34)
Death 30 Sep 1893 (age 33-34) West Ham, Essex

Child 5: Bertha Portway

Name: Bertha Portway
Sex: Female
Birth 5 Apr 1861 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1861 (age 0) Birth: 1861 Jun Qtr, Halstead, 4a/309
Death fact 1861 (age 0) 1861 Sep Qtr, Halstead, 4a/200
Census 1861 (age 0) Living with parents (aged 2 days)
Death 1861 (age 0) Halstead, Essex

Child 6: Ethel Portway

Name: Ethel Portway
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Martin Baker (1857-1929)
Birth 1862 Halstead, Essex
Birth fact 1862 (age 0) Birth: 1862 Sep Qtr, Halstead, 4a/295
Census 1881 (age 18-19) Living with father
Census 1901 (age 38-39) Wife in household
Death 28 Feb 1930 (age 67-68) Bella Vista, Lansdown, Bath, Somerset

Note on Husband: Charles Portway (1)

Charles Portway took inspiration from the enclosed metal stoves which had appeared in North America, and built his own version to heat his Halstead ironmongery store. The design proved so successful that a neighbouring shopkeeper asked Portway to build a stove to heat his store too. Portway set up a foundry to produce his 'Tortoise' stoves under the slogan 'Slow But Sure' - so successful they lasted up to the 1980’s almost without change.

It was the first heating appliance to offer fuel efficiency as a major selling point, so that Robert Higgs, the chief executive of the Heating and Ventilating contractors association argues the Portway was the founding father of energy efficiency. (retrieved 13.6.2011)

Note on Husband: Charles Portway (2)

The first third of the 19th century saw a number of innovators introduce stoves to the market. In 1830 (sic) Charles Portway designed and hand built his first Tortoise stove in Halstead, Essex. Charles ran an ironmongery store and when neighbouring shops saw how effective his stove was, they all wanted one. Mr Portway started a small foundry, which, by the start of the twentieth century, had produced over 100,000 stoves.


Charles Portway took a very active part in the affairs of the town of Halstead. He was President of the Liberal Association and entertained Herbert Asquith, the Prime Minister, at his residence, The Croft. He was a staunch churchman and took great interest in all public works, education and sport, holding numerous offices.

Source: "A Look Back At Halstead" by Doreen Potts, 2003 (privately published).


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Note on Husband: Charles Portway (3)

PORTWAY Charles of Halstead Essex J.P. died 6 April 1909; Probate Ipswich 16 July to Harry Harvey Portway stove manufacturer Frederick Percy Prentice ironmonger William Martin Baker school master and Harry Dakin Sheldrake accountant. Effects £37759 1s 7d. Resworn £38743 16s 5d.