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Family of Robert Young and Emily Anne Attfield

Husband: Robert Young (1822-1901)
Wife: Emily Anne Attfield (1832-1912)
Marriage 23 Jul 1857 Holy Trinity Church, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Westminster, Middlesex
Witnesses 23 Jul 1857 Wm Henry Robinson, Ellis Wynt Young, Susan Satter
Divorce Nov 1870 Cause No.1389: Young Robert vs. Young Emily Anne & Head otherwise Tait

Husband: Robert Young

Name: Robert Young
Sex: Male
Father: Robert Benjamin Young (1773-1846)
Mother: Mary Ellis (c. 1795- )
Birth 1822 Sidmouth, Devon
Baptism 1822 (age 0) Otterton, Devon
Title Captain
Census 1841 (age 18-19) Independent, living with mother, Coburg Place, St Sidwell's, Exeter
Occupation 1 Mar 1849 (age 26-27) Late of the 7th Dragoon Guards (on daughter Ellen's birth cert.)
Residence 1 Mar 1849 (age 26-27) Mount Radford Terrace, St Leonard, Exeter, Devon
Census 1851 (age 28-29) Annuitant, visiting Owen Owen, Rector of St Edmunds, Exeter
Occupation 23 Jul 1857 (age 34-35) Late Captain in Army, 104 Tachbrook St, Pimlico, London, widower (on marriage cert.)
Census 1871 (age 48-49) Superintendent of Convict Prison, Perth, W.Australia (married)
Census 1871 (age 48-49) Visiting sister Ellis Young, Penge, Surrey
Occupation 21 Nov 1872 (age 49-50) Gentleman, St Giles, Camberwell, widower (on marriage cert.)
Census 1881 (age 58-59) Civil service (superannuated), 44 Gowrie Rd, Battersea, London
Census 1891 (age 68-69) Living on own means, 2 Zingari Villas, Gipsy Road, Norwood
Census 1901 (age 78-79) No occupation, 41 Atheldene Road, Wandsworth
Residence 18 Dec 1901 (age 78-79) 17 Twilley Street, Wandsworth (on death cert.)
Death 18 Dec 1901 (age 78-79) Battersea Union Infirmary, Wandsworth, Surrey

Wife: Emily Anne Attfield

Name: Emily Anne Attfield
Sex: Female
Father: William Attfield (1790-1861)
Mother: Mary Anne Cooke (1792-1873)
Birth 23 Oct 1832 Walcot, Bath, Somerset
Baptism 17 Oct 1833 (age 0) St Swithins Walcot, Bath, Somerset (source: PR)
Census 1851 (age 18-19) Living with parents, 14 Park St, Walcot, Bath
Residence 13 May 1873 (age 40) 42 Craven Hill Gardens, Paddington (on marriage cert.)
Fact1 20 Aug 1878 (age 45) Named as executor to will of husband Samuel Golding Head
Death 7 Jan 1912 (age 79) Southbourne Hotel, 9 South Parade, Walcot, Bath, Somerset
Cause of death (Facts Pg) 7 Jan 1912 (age 79) Heart disease (Edith B Gell-Woolley, niece, present at death)

Note on Husband: Robert Young (1)

Served as a Subaltern, 7th Dragoon Guards, afterwards Captain and Adjutant H.M. Osmanbi Irregular Cavalry (Turkish Contingent).

Source: Visitation of England & Wales, Vol. 7 (Gibbins)

Note on Husband: Robert Young (2)

YOUNG Robert of 17 Twilley Street Earlsfield Surrey died 18 December 1901 at St John's Hill Battersea Surrey. Probate London 7 April 1902 to Elizabeth Anne Young widow. Effects £165.

Note on Wife: Emily Anne Attfield (1)

MARRIAGES: July 23, at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Bessborough Gardens, Pimlico, Robert Young, Esq., late Capt. Irregular Cavalry, Turkish Contingent, son of the late Captain Young R.N., to Emily Anne, youngest daughter of the Rev. Wm. Attfield, M.A., of Bath.

Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 30 July 1857

Note on Wife: Emily Anne Attfield (2)

HEAD Emily Anne of 3 Pavilion Parade Brighton widow died 7 January 1912 at the Southbourne Hotel South Parade Bath; Probate London 30 January to Frederick John Paley M.D. and Charles Webster Rede Gell-Woolley esquire. Effects £4844 3s. 7d.